Jazmin Kansas

Women Have the Right to Choose

Proactive solutions are needed to educate teens.

Dear next President,

Abortion is a huge political conversation piece causing problems between family members, communities and beliefs in the United States. Women have the right to choose if they want to have the baby or obtain an abortion within a required amount of time. In my opinion I feel abortion is wrong because it removes the responsibilities from the parents. We know unprotected sex happens all over the world. Many teens are having unprotected sex and getting pregnant thinking their only option is a abortion. Could this belief be because teachers and nurses aren’t allowed to educate teenagers on these contraception and safe sex practice. This creates an easy way out for teens. Getting abortion becomes an option because they don’t know how they are going to be able to take care of a baby, they don’t have a cooperating partner or they are just scared.

To help solve this problem, proactive solutions are needed to educate the teens in this country. Reforming sex education, adoptions policies and removing the religious and political influences behind the scenes would also be a start. There are many couples that can’t have children and would love to have a family, so maybe instead of abortion you would consider putting the baby for adoption but, with adoptions costing an average of $15,000, when does money become more important than the welfare of the child?

It’s obvious that I am against abortion but do you understand that it is made a issues because of the lack of education and the political force behind the word abortion. Reforms to truly get rid of this, reforms are needed that give teenagers the knowledge of practicing safe sex and adults better less costly options when attempting to adopt. Solving these two problems can help easily can reduce this problem in the United States. Thank you for your time and consideration.