Ariana Kansas

We Need to Take a Stand

We need to fight police brutality.

We need to take a stand against POLICE BRUTALITY, all the deaths from this is brutal.

Hi my name is Ariana, a student at Wyandotte high school, in Kansas City Kansas where police brutality is huge. I am scared for future peers and other friends as we speak of children walking down the streets and getting accused of something they haven’t done, or violating our human rights and also doing what the officer has asked but still getting no respect from the police at all. Like John Crawford III who died in August, 2014 killed by a policeman in Ohio because they thought he had had a weapon on him when it was a toy gun. Also like the shooting of Trayvon Martin or the shooting of Terence Crutcher, why do they have the right to say that we African americans or anybody are up to no good by the way we look that just doesn't make since.

Police are people we are supposed to trust and who we look up to but after all the shootings in the United States by police I don’t know if I can do that. The law of order isn’t something I would go by either because that’s really messed up we shouldn’t have to be arrested put in handcuffs for something so little or not important. Police brutality has to come to an end because this is just terrible what people have to go through because they think they're better than us because they were a navy blue jumpsuit and a badge, and I wanted to become a cop but I don’t want people to look at me as one of those people who is going to pull them over and beat them out of their cars or etc.

I do wish to become a registered nurse some day but if I have to be one of the woman in those navy blue jump suit trust and believe their get respect from me as I wish I would get from them. You can't expect someone to treat you with respect if you don’t treat them with respect first. If I were to murder someone I would get life in jail but if a cops does it he’ll get suspended what’s the difference between me and you. To them we all look the same on the bullet when it comes to them shooting, whether we're black or hispanic. The whites usually ONLY get tased.

Mr. President i hope you understand what i have to say and take it into consideration because no one should be treated this way. This century we need to put an end to all the police brutality and slavery, it has gone on for too long and I’m ready for it to stop.

Thank You Mr. President,