Kaila Kansas

College Comes with Risk of Debt

Students are supposed to focus on schoolwork in order to go to college.

Dear future President,

Teachers and parents are always stating that they want students to focus on schoolwork and go to college, but going to college comes with the risk of being put in a lot of debt. Some families try to save and plan ahead, but there are still some that just can’t make ends meet to make sure their child has the privilege of even going to college. I would like to shed some light on the facts about the average debt a student could be in when coming out of college.

First, two-thirds of students graduate with debt to the tune of $25,000 on average. As a result, students are taking out loans. Last year, cumulative student loans surpassed $1 trillion for the first time, more than car loans and credit cards. I believe you as president should give students the opportunity to have easier ways of gaining the money before they get out of college so that they don’t have the stress of finding out how they are going to get the money to pay their debts once they are out of college. Whether it is that the college dropped class tuition or book costs. Students should freely be able to attend college and not have to worry about money straight out. Life is supposed to be lived and our lives are over run by money, so make a change and make it easier to get out and get started on students' lives.