Walter Kansas

Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

Illegal immigration and national security

Hello Future President,

My name is Walter. I just want to share my concerns about deportation of Illegal immigrants. Before I get into it. I will say that with illegal immigration there’s a lot of national security that has to be put in thought and a lot of legal rights. I know that not all people migrating into the United States are hard working people, a lot of those people are bringing violence, gun and drugs etc. but I feel that the American society has given an image of criminals to every illegal immigrant. And I truly believe that is wrong.

See I have meet and had conversations with a lot of those illegal immigrants and the misjudgment isn’t fair. The image in today’s society and social media give people the wrong idea about these people. A lot of those illegal immigrants that come here to better their future and not get into trouble or cause any harm get treated in such a horrible way by the public and also get bashed by political parties.

I also see a lot of improvement in today’s deportation of those illegal immigrants for example. According to the number of undocumented Hispanics deported back to country of origin were a total of 235,413. 59% of those people deported were Convicted Criminals that came to a total of 139,368 convicted criminals and 96,045 Non-criminal that were deported back to their country of origin.

Even with our government trying their best to better target certain individual that are removed from the United States. Most of those met civil immigration enforcement priorities. But I feel like we can increase those numbers of deporting people who are actually a threat to public safety and national security, those are the people who government officials should really target, not people who are stopped because of light in their car is broken and now the find their self’s being deported, people who have no criminal background or signs of criminal activity should just be left alone and admire their hard work and their services they have had to put up with to be able to work for a living.

This country is strong about unity, equality and freedom. We should start living up to it. This problem of deporting people with no criminal background. Put yourself in the shoes of a 6-year-old boy seeing his parent’s leave their sides possibly forever just for traffic stop. Let’s all unit and try to live happy together grow with each other and make this country even greater.