Gavin Johnson Michigan

Dear future president

Dear Madam/Sir, I address this letter to the future president of America. This Letter Is about all the Illegal Immigrants in the United States. Illegal immigrants are becoming a serious problem to this nation. They are taking up jobs and living space for Americans. 11.5 Million immigrants are imported or get into into america each year

If i was president i would tighten the security of the borders and add more security around the border between mexico and America, which could help us lower the amount of immigrants per year. The amount of Americans are growing every day, but so are the immigrants we need to resolve this problem as fast as possible to assure that this nation can hold the whole population.

I believe that only true Americans should be able to cross the border into the U.S.A. My reasoning is non-American people could bring in bad traits to Americans or try and change their beliefs. There could also be a chance of terrorists trying to cross the border.

The immigrants views on America should not be welcome here. They could try and bring their religion or beliefs and try to change our American beliefs. Therefore their beliefs should not be welcome here.

 Any children born in America can and will be welcomed to our schools and our nation. If a child is born in the U.S. they are born under the american ways making them One of us Americans.

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