JUAN Kansas

Not Every Immigrant is a Rapist or Criminal

Not all immigrants are criminals.

Dear Next President,

I believe that not every immigrant is a rapist or any kind of criminal. Because my parents are illegal immigrants but my parents have never done any kind of illegal activity and neither do they have a criminal record. The biggest thing my dad ever got was a speeding ticket, I really don’t appreciate that you say that every single immigrant that lives in the U.S. are either rapist or some kind of criminal. And another thing I really don’t is that you thinking that immigrants working hard here and everytime they get paid they send money to their family in mexico is such a bad thing. Us 42.2 million immigrants at least over more than a half of those 24 million are not criminals and only here so they could provide more for their families. Doesn’t matter if they live here on the other side of that border.