Alejandro B. Kansas

Far from Perfect

The U.S. is far from perfect when it comes to immigration policy.

Dear Future President of the U.S

The United States is far from perfect and to become a perfect nation is impossible so lets work on improving the nation day by day. I know you’ll be busy addressing many issues during your presidency however you still need to consider the immigration policy. The immigration process and the border need to be improved so people around the world trying to move into the United States find it easier.

The immigration process is too complicated; it takes years for a person to legally move into the United States. That’s why many choose to move into the United States illegally as “People in desperate circumstances will cross the border … given the low risk-reward ratio.” Said by The Gazette, these people only cross the border to search for better lives. If the immigration process didn’t take so long for then many would choose to come here legally. Contrary to popular belief most of illegal immigrants didn’t cross the border illegally. They crossed the border using visas however “they couldn't stay legally due to special-interest-driven restrictions on their visas” As stated by Gary Johnson in a CNN post, Most likely they found jobs or stayed because family or established relations and decided to stay.

The border is still an issue to immigrants however it is a bigger issue to American citizens. Any one that looks Hispanic and is trying to get through the border has to endure racial profiling by border patrol. This leads to many complaints about being stopped. According to the New York Times there are “6,000 pages of complaints ” many of which allowed the officers involved to get away with abusing the rights of innocent civilians. Only one known case resulted in “an agent receiving a one-day suspension for unjustifiably stopping a vehicle” this allows agents to run free without consequence to their actions. To make matters worst in 2014 the Obama administration decided to allow the continued use of racial profiling at the border and 100 miles inland, including coastlines. This takes a huge chunk of the U.S population, which according to the Washington post is “nearly two-thirds of its population” and these areas contain many large Hispanic and Asian population that are targeted by federal agents.

To conclude the United States will never be perfect but it will and should be one of the best nations in the world. To make that happen we need to be more welcoming to people who can make that happen. If we’re not making it easy for immigrants to move to the U.S then we are wasting our full potential as a nation.