Luis R. Ohio

Stop The Violence

This letter is on the topic of police brutality, and the killing of our families. This is America and i don't feel safe when i should. So Mr/Mrs. President please help.

Dear Future President,

        We need to stop police brutality. We have cops killing our people and people killing our cops. This country we say is so called a free country has a war going on within it. We have fathers, mothers and children being killed everyday. Why must we lose our loved ones because someone else killed them. Everyone should die a natural way, not by being shot to death. All the racism has to stop. All the killings have to stop. All the funerals have to stop. We can't do this anymore. We have cops killing unarmed civilians. We have cops killing our children our brother/sisters. I don't want to have to deal with one of my loved ones dead, some of us have been through enough.

        The inequality has to stop. We need to stand up and express the way we feel. We need to be free. Every time i walk outside its always gunshots and police sirens. Its kind of sad, especially when your living in the dead center of it. Ive been stabbed I've been shot at I've experienced all these things and i know what its like to live on a battleground. The racism is the biggest problem its always someone of the opposite race getting killed. Why should the color of our skin or the way we talk have an effect on how we die.

        For my future president this is a very important topic. If this letter makes a difference then we will act on stopping these crime. I don't want any more crime. I don't wantanymore guns. Why can't we be the free peaceful country that we were always supposed to be. All lives matter, even yours.

Please Help

Luis A. Rosa Jr.