Amarealis W. Ohio

Minimum wage

Minimum wage

Dear Future President,

Minimum wage does NOT need to go up! Most of the people that are fighting for more per hour work at McDonalds, Burger king, etc. People working there should not be make $15 just for starting out i feel that you need to earn that. There are people that save lives, that go to school then go to college just to save our love ones and they don’t even make that much. So for someone who just flips burgers and takes people's order they should not be making that much money!

If we raise minimum wage the amount of people who will lose there job will increase and this will not be helping people, but hurting them. They will be taking on jobs that they are not normal doing. The price of everything will just go up and up.

Unless you are a manager you shouldn’t work at a fast food place for years and years. Working at McDonald's or Burger King is not meant for you to live off of and support your family from.

Also by raising minimum wage the amount of work will increase for those who are already working, This is because companies will not be able to hire new people when the work load increases. Due to cause and effect raising the minimum wage everything else will go up in price especially the cost of living.  If a boss has to pay their workers more money then they have to increase their prices of food or whatever they are selling. That is just a bad idea all the way around and people are not educated enough to understand this!

I can’t explain this enough but raising the minimum wage will just mess up people's lives in the long run. Most people who see the minimum wage increase as a good thing are not educated with the way the world works.


Amarealis Wilson 

Facing History New Tech High School

CTP 2017

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