Gianna Ohio

Police Brutality

Why is this happening to our nation? We as the people need to stand up and make the the brutality stop.

Dear Future President, 

     Police officers are suppose to protect us, be there for us when we need them but instead people are afraid to even be around them. I don't understand why all of this is happening it is 2016,  this problem should have been dealt with a long time ago.  After all of the killings that have been happening police officers now know that if they commit murder, they wont get charged for it. They have so much power for only being in school for six months. I believe police officers should be in school longer than just six months, that is just upsetting

Police brutality has been so big because it is so easy to film and share videos now, before we didn't have videos to share . The brutality has been around for years and nothing has been done about it. Now that we have tons of evidence nothing still hasn't been done. That's the problem with our nation, they're trying to protect the people in the wrong. All of these victims family want justice for their family member. Blacks Live Matters movement want to be heard,  stop letting this happen to their community. Give them justice.

All of the protest that have been going on in all of these cities and still nothing has not been done. They need to start listening and giving them answers on what their going to do to stop this problem. This is not something they can just keep pushing away because it is going to keep happening. We the people want to stop being afraid of people that are suppose to protect us. Please try to make it stop.


Gianna A