Jakob C. Ohio


Pollution is something that must be fixed by you.

Dear Future President;

Pollution has become a very big problem in the world. There are

many ways to pollute. I will explain what is wrong with pollution in this world. I have ways we could stop it from evolving into something worse.

Pollution has been dated as far back as ancient rome. It had became a noticeable problem during the industrial revolution in the 19th century. Factories and gas powered vehicles started to become more common which meant it formed new ways that we could pollute the air. Air pollution began when we started using coal as a fuel. Coal was started to be used on trains and in factories to power certain things. Eventually it started to fill our skies with smog and has been getting worse. Since then every at least 5 million human deaths have been linked to air pollution. Over 320,000 birth defects a year, and the numbers are continuing to rise. Air pollution is causing a rise in lung cancer and the more longer this goes on it will start to become more frequent. Water pollution has alway been around because of floods and us just being too lazy to just find a trash can. Us dumping waste and garbage is taking effect on more than us. Aquatic animals mistake garbage for prey. Many species of aquatic animals have become extinct or have had a spike in death rates that they may be on the path to becoming endangered. Water pollution is also affecting us. According to National Geographic “In developing countries, 70 percent of industrial wastes are dumped untreated into waters, polluting the usable water supply.¨

We need to stop polluting. There are hundreds of animals that die every day and it’s our fault. Over 1,000,000 seabirds and over 100,000 sea animals die a year from water and air pollution.There are people that are trying to make better environments for animals that suffer what pollution does. Also there is other people that run factories and don’t care what they do to the environment, just for the money. People that have attempting to make a change are also developing better alternatives for what we are doing. There are cars that are run by electricity instead of fuel that contaminates the air. If we could start to get people in the vibe of electric cars that could be part of the problem solved. As for factories, they just let out all the fumes into the air and it’s slowly killing this world. It is possible that we could use water powered machines or a less harmful fuel for a start. Some but not all people are guilty of dropping a piece of trash on the ground acting like nothing happened. What the don’t know is that it could blow away into that water and be mistaken for food could take a animals life. It happens everyday, and what goes through their minds is “what could one small piece of trash do to a planet.”. Imagine that being said and done by thousands of people a day, the numbers add up. Also factories are dumping chemical waste in the oceans. It has hit over 100 million gallons sense then.

In conclusion we need to come up with better alternatives for ways to stop pollution like having facilities to store waste or maybe find a way to put it to good use. You could develop things that are steam powered or use materials that do not put out harmful gases and fumes. If you could make stricter laws or harder penalties it could help the problem.


Jakob D. Cramer