Frank S Ohio

Take Charge of the Cities

Major cities need your help. They are not safe. People are afraid because of the violence everywhere.

Dear Future President,

I would like for you to actually take charge of major cities. I believe once you take charge the cities things will get better. Big cities are overwhelmed with so many issues and the local government is losing control. If you would pass laws or provide additional services the cities could benefit and know that have been changed by you. People need to feel safer.  People who walk down the streets should not worry that they are going to get robbed or jumped and shot. If you are able to help with those things people would not be so afraid to do anything outside. It would be just like it was years ago where no one really messed with anyone. People just did their own thing and worried about themselves. Another thing is schools. The high school I go to has to be in the same building as a elementary school. Our school is not like every other high school we do things differently. There is certain things that we are not able to do because of our location. I believe that if you take charge in these the communities will start to change.


Frank Slovick