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Religious Freedom

Religious freedom has an impact on the United States

  Dear Future President,

My name is Kevin Gomolka. I'm writing to you because my school is having all senior students write a letter to our future president and to write about on going conflicts not just in the U.S, but the whole world as a whole. In my letter to you, I would like to talk about religious freedom and how it impacts the U.S and the world in good and bad ways. I want to see your agreements and disagreements on this topic and what you feel about it personally. If you are elected as our new president I would like to know things about you and maybe what you believe. I would also like to add that being my choice of religious freedom, this is also one of my school seminar project choices that I'm currently working on in school. 

This topic is important to me and I personally believe it has a impact on our country specifically. I also know how you want to eliminate ISIS, which is a good thing because ISIS is causing a lot of trouble for the American people. I believe you can make a change for America and put us back in a strict order. When I think of religious freedom now a days, I literally do think of hate. As I said in my other letter on my project to my class, I want to see people proclaim what they believe, but not go against people just because they believe differently. I hope to see you as our new president and hopefully you will make America really great again. 

I want to see a change for America and see people come together and not against each other. I see to much violence and war in our streets, schools, communities all around the world. Hopefully you being president, you will be able to make a change for America and how religious freedom effects our country. Also to wrap up a few things I really believe that religious freedom also has a lot to do with freedom of speech which is the first amendment. I want to see good change for everyone in our country and hope to see you elected. We need to live and let live. Respecting the beliefs of everyone.

- Sincerely, 

Kevin Gomolka


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