Elena B. Ohio

There is No Second Nature, So Lets Save the One We Have.

Is the Earth important to you? If we keep this up the earth will no longer be the wonderful place that you know of today. Help keep our environment healthy.

Dear Next President of the United States:

There are many things in the environment that if we don't change now, I fear will become larger problems in the future. One of the biggest problem in the modern world is the environment. Many people are tearing down things like trees to build large buildings, trashing the earth and the air with litter and pollution and global warming could also be occurring. If America is going to continue to be successful then we need to stop bad things from happening to our country/world. We need to start things such as organizations, and new laws to protect the environment, because we only have one earth, and we cannot destroy it.

One of the major problems is climate. Due to many people polluting the earth, something called global warming is occurring. Global warming is a gradual increase in the earth's temperature. These affect things like glaciers, in colder places putting many polar bears in danger. This could also affect many or all humans in the future, by changing the temperature of habitats and outdoor weather, that could potentially hurt humans. Climate change can cause many things such as an increase in floods and heatwaves on earth. Also changing in climate can affect things like our crops, and what we eat because of the change in weather. This is why we need to find ways to keep our earth healthy and prevent climate change.

Another large problem in America and on earth is littering and pollution of the earth. Both hurt things like humans and animals. People are breathing in unhealthy air from things such as large corporations, letting off waste (pollution.) This can cause major or deathy health conditions, and could ruin much or all of healthy air. This is now causing things like polluted rain snow or downfall, this affects earth majorly in things like plants animals and humans. Also littering is affecting things such as sea animals, The trash is getting caught around their neck and killing them. The pollution is also affecting the water they swim in. These things can ruin our sea and the life in it.

Another thing that is being effected in a negative way is habitat. Animals are being killed and or kicked out of of their habitats so things such as buildings or corporations instead of saving our many beautiful animals on earth. An enormous amount of trees are also being cut down for things such as paper and buildings. Animals and plants are forced out of their natural habitat so things such as buildings are built. This is unfair to them because that is just like kicking humans out of their homes to build something sometimes unimportant. America needs to start things such as clubs, that can enforce stopping these major problems. If we work hard enough, we may be able to stop many of these problems in the environment.



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