Tatiana G. Ohio

Changing Society

Theres a lot of things going wrong, and its up to you as the president to make them all better.

Dear Future President,

Our society isn't great nor will it be if nothing is helped or fixed. Many problems occur day by day and nothing is being fixed. Some people are scared everyday they walk out the house because our world isn't a good place. There's people dying almost everyday, theres kids who don't have a home, animals getting beat, people living on the streets, pollution, gun violence, racism, kidnapping, abortions, problems with college and schools, problems with store prices, jobs and plenty more things. 

Our society used to be better then this. We used to go around saying hi to people without worrying if were going to get killed, shot, kidnapped or anything else. Theres many homeless people out here wanting homes, food, clothes, a shelter and other things. Kids are out here in foster centers wishing they had a family and some people are too busy caring for themselves to save someone's life. There are people who are out here care free shooting, hitting, killing animals because what? Who knows? But i think people who abuse animals should get locked up. There's no need for animals or people getting abused. If you have anger issues, or feel like hitting someone go to a therapist and talk to them. No one deserves their life threatened. 

No one notices our most important problems because they are so wrapped up on worrying about themselves. People are going against each other day by day, there is more racism then there should be. Colleges are harder for anyone now a day because they are scared about their career path or all the money they have to pay or owe, kids worry about their grades to attend college. The stores are rising prices and making it harder for people to buy things. Jobs are barely paying enough or giving enough hours so there aren't much ways people can make money. The world is getting worse, its changing everyday and no one chooses to fix it.


Tatiana G