Kaia A. Mississippi


How black lives are being killed!!

Dear Future President,

           Why is there so much hatred in the world? A problem the word has today is racism. I say that because how all the innocent black lives being lost daily by white police. In my opinion, the president needs to take all white police off the force because they are supposed to save the world from violence not make it (if necessary). 

         Many innocent black lives are being lost daily. It has been at least 194 black people in 2016 that have died. Many of the people that have died haven even got the justice they deserve, but they are still nit giving up until they do. In my opinion, if it was black police that killed a white man, I can guarantee you that the person who did it will be facing jail time. If this racism doesn't stop the world is just going to get worse. 

        At the end, it might all come to police killing innocent lives because they are not doing anything about it. So if you (future president) can do something about it, I think we can have a better country.