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Who would you call?

Why Black Lives Matter

Hi my name is Justice Williams, I’d like to bring to your attention the rising number one problem in america racial injustice. When I was just five years old I was taught when in danger call 911, and they will come to the rescue. But what if I told you, that the ones who should be coming to the rescue were the one’s causing the danger. Then who will you Call? Lately there have been numerous incidents where a caucasian police officer have shot an African American when doing nothing wrong. The media blew this issue up. That's how #BlackLivesMatter became. #BlackLivesMatter is an organization trying to resolve the racial discrimination towards blacks. When #BlackLivesMatter first started it was because the death of Trayvon Martin by the hands of George Zimmerman who was rightfully killed at the age 17, walking back from the store. After George was not held accountable for his crime and not sent to prison, A spark of fire and enferuarated the black community and strived to put an end to it. #BLackLivesmatter went viral and gained extraordinary numbers in followers.When viral many thought that it was rude to say Black lives matter instead of saying All lives matter. They felt left out,abandoned discriminated. Blacklivesmatter does not mean the black race is superior than others. We don’t say all lives matter because that would not make a strong impact on society. When the white races isn't having any problems like the black race. We deal with having the highest poverty rate,the highest obesity rate and the highest police shooting rate in America. I like to think about it this way there were two house one on fire but one is just fine. So you call the fire department to put the fire out. You put water on the burning house to stop the ISSUE, would you still put water on the house that's just fine? This relates directly to #BlackLivesmatter why say all lives matter when the black race is the one on fire. There's no need to try to enforce white lives matter when there is nothing to enforce. Going to school in primarily white privileged school, some students are blinded by their ignorance and asked me “well what about black cops who shoot white cops?”As of 2016 194 innocent African Americans have been shot and killed due to a white police officer. The main word in this sentence is innocent. Many will try to argue the issue saying that “white cops have killed nearly twice as many whites as blacks”, but in these cases how many victims retaliated against the police? The problem is not the shooting of the African American race but the shooting of Innocent African Americans. The African American community needs your support to stop the inhuman acts of injustice and stand together. We need your help to put a stop to brutality and unite as one.

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