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Racism In Our Country

This letter is about how African Americans and some Caucasians are being treated unfairly. Either Clinton or Trump will be allowed in office and by the last Presidential Debate they both are willing to make a change in the country. Racism has been a serious problem in the United States for a long time. America is a country that has the values of freedom and liberty, but also have many cases where racism has affected many people. Racial discrimination means treating individuals differently because of their race or color.

Dear future President,

      My concern is racism in America and how many people are being treated differently. Racial discrimination has been around for a long period of time. Racism is a very important topic, it causes serious problems and people suffer from acts of racism.

     One of the major problems in the United States is discrimination on the police force. The Criminal Justice System seem to sentence African Americans and people of a few other races a longer time in prison than Caucasians. Many police have been proven to seem bias towards criminals or victims. Black crimes and whites crimes should be handled under the same circumstances. The issue with the police killing people are affecting our society and becoming a creation of problems. Many African Americans are being killed for no reason, police officers are firing guns left and right killing people and their reasoning is for self defense. In my opinion, that's just an escape route for them because it seem to have been working all the time.  Many times it's not considered self defense in the public eye, and self defense doesn't always have to involve guns. It's time for people to grow up and and put discrimination/racism aside, because it's causing way to many problems in our country.

    Racism is a big problem and is often a topic but most definitely not a boring topic. Racism could change an individuals point of view, and has shown the world what our country has become of. We're in desperate need of a change, and I think that should be one of the upcoming president's priorities to be willing to make a change and attempt to stop racism/discrimination. Thank you for your time!!


                                                                                                                       D'Nya Garrison


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