Alonzo A. Minnesota


This letter for the next President is about what I feel about Racism and what should be done with it.



American Lit, 7th Hour

Dear Next President,

Racism has been a big deal ever since The U.S. was made.

Me and many several other million people in the U.S and probably the world want this horrible thing called “Racism” to end.

Some evidence I found from “”

There has been more than 2,568 “incidents” due with race.

My suggestion to you is... whoever physically or mentally hurt someone because of their color, and there was evidence like recorded should be put in jail or be punished for what what they did.

I’m really against this topic because I’ve been looked at in a weird way by some white people at a restaurant before. I hate people who discriminate the people because of their color. It disgusts me. “People aren’t born to hate, they are taught to hate” quote from “ article by: Natasha Noman”

One “incident” that I found from “ ” that happened in a Suburban City San Diego , was a group of white men white men who were drinking beers. One of the men said he wanted “to shoot   some aliens” referring to Mexican immigrants who were trying to cross the border to get to the U.S and have a better life. One of the white men shot and killed a 12 year old boy immigrant. That man was only sentenced 2 years in prison for a involuntary murder.  That act that the man made was a really bad “incident.” The reason that man was only sentenced for 2 years, is because he was a white man.

We need to make Racism illegal. And make it a law that if you discriminate someone of their color you should be put in jail.



10th Grade

St Paul, MN