Sheldon C. Washington

Food Wasting

The food in US is wasted in a great percentage, while part of people have no secure food source. Look in the problem and try to work on it.

Dear Mr. or Madam President,

I am here to address a problem about the food wasting in the US. Nowadays, people have more food options in the supermarkets and grocery stores. But do you know that over twenty percents of edible food is wasted? At the same time, 1 in 8 people in US face hunger without enough food supply. The edible food should be fully utilized.

In the everyday life, the fruits and vegetables are always perfect. Such as round and shiny apples or potatoes with the same size. But not every fruit or vegetable looks like them. There are carrots with separate roots, apples with scars and not perfectly round. These foods are not allowed to be sold in the supermarket, because they do not meet the standards. For example, in Peru, where growing the great amount of mandarins, thirty percent of the mandarins would not meet the export standard. If the standard gets lower, more mandarins will be sell to other countries. The more they sell, the lower cost is, which helps to decrease the price of mandarins. More people can have fruit.

The “ugly looking” food is edible, so it can be one part of cheap food source. Many farmers would sell the “ugly food” locally. These food can be cooked as nutritious as the good-looking ones. Grocery stores can import these foods to help the poor people. Tristram Stuart, the man who runs an organization campaigning against food waste, would have been spent 24 hours to produce a meal in a restaurant for 50 people with ingredients which intended to throw out by farmers. This activity helped people realize that many food can be used in many ways rather than throwing away. (National Geographic)

Saving more food from being wasted is an important idea that more people should learn about. This would help more people from starving or experientially food insecurity. At the end, thank you for your time to consider this.


Sheldon C