Calista Washington

Gun Control

We should not ban guns completely, we should instead make them harder to gain access to.

Dear President

Gun control has been a hot topic in politics recently. Gun violence has been on the rise and people are worried, but instead of banning all guns perhaps making stronger regulations would help just as much?

The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms, specifically stating “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. Now, that does not mean that citizens should have the right to military class weapons, but having something for recreational activities or for self defense should be perfectly reasonable.

More important though, is the fact that not every gun owner is disturbing the peace. In fact most don’t. However a few people, some of which are mentally unstable, have been hurting the peace. But banning all guns won’t fix that. When people want something they tend to do everything they can to get it, banning what they want will just increase the want for the illegal thing. For example, during prohibition the Government banned alcohol and even though it was illegal and was a punishable crime people still found ways to get their liquor. Banning guns would just create a situation where people got them illegally. Which could potentially be really harmful because procuring a weapon like a gun illegally doesn’t mean you have a rigorous background check. It means a person with potentially bad intentions could acquire a gun without so much as a glance at that person's background.

In conclusion, President I implore you to not allow guns to be banned but to instead apply more rigorous checks that would help to not give guns to people with bad intentions. Banning guns could leave us with a bigger more illegal gun problem than what we have now.


Calista T.