abdi Washington

Police Education

I think police officers should be forced to have more education

Dear Mr. or Ms. President,

My name is Abdi Jama and i'm concerned about how black people are being treated and how police officers don't know how to do their jobs. What I think the main issue that's facing this country is how we train our police officers to work with communities of color. People should care about this issue because black people are constantly leaving in fear because of the cops and how they don't know how to do their jobs. Police officers should be required to have a higher a education before they become police officers.

One reason why police should have a higher education is because they will be less likely to kill someone. From an article by msnbc we learned that “A study, by 2010 Police Quarterly, revealed that officers with some college education are less likely to resort to force (56% of the time) than those who have never attended college (68% of the time)”(Frej).This shows that police officers should be required to have a higher education because the statistics shows that those who have an college education use less force.than those who never went to college.

Right now very few police departments require some kind of college education. An article from the University of san Diego says that “As of 2010, according to a Southwestern Association of Criminal Justice paper, only one-percent of over 12,000 local police departments require a four-year degree”(University of San Diego). This is important because it shows that the police departments don't care about their officers education even tho they should.

Some people think that college education isn't important for officers.Police officer Dan Marcou says “unless they have prior military service, they do not have the skills nor the proper attitude to be able to do so”(Marcou). I disagree with his ideas because this isn't the education that will help young officers prepare.the kind of education that will prepare them is college.

College education is important for police officers. I hope that when you are president you will make this issue a priority.



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