Maggie B. Washington

Endangered animal protection

Because of human's movement, animals are facing a big problem of extinction. Endangered animals are waiting for protection, we have no time to wait, the government need to do something for the Earth's environment!

    Dear Mr or Madam President:

Hello! I write this letter and want to talk about the protection policy of endangered animals.

According to the statistics, there are 75 species around the world extinct every day, three species per hour in average. (“Species Extinction.") As you can see, endangered animal protect is an instant event!

In 2013, the Oregon spotted frog began to be considered in the list of federal protection as an endangered species. This seems like a normal thing, not even worth celebrating. But how about this kind of frog which nearly extinct have already waited for 22 years since 1991 for human’s help? Besides the Oregon spotted frog, endangered animals like the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, the Elfin-woods Warbler, and the Dakota skipper butterfly are also waiting for protection. (Wines, Michael. "Long-Delayed Rulings on Endangered Species Are Coming ..." )We all know that the government is making effort ingam to protect endangered species and we all understand it is a really hard and long process. However, animals can't wait!

"Under a 2011 settlement of two lawsuits by conservation activists, the wildlife service has pledged to decide the fates of all the backlogged species by 2018. A schedule issued by the service on Feb. 8 promised to decide by September whether to add 97 species to the endangered list, including 70 covered by the lawsuit settlement."(Wines, Michael. "Long-Delayed Rulings on Endangered Species Are Coming ...")

The Wildlife Service promised to decide the fates for all backlogged species by 2018 and there are already more than 550 species waiting, and will continue to grow. Waiting is a long process, it is too late to protect endangered animal after the government asked to. I think government should not just make effort for only the species on the list of protection, but we need to pay attention on all animal species. The government should appeal and really do something on it, instead of wait until the last minute.

In conclusion, in order to protect the endangered species, government need to pay more attention and be earlier awareness.

Animals are our neighbours and friends in the earth, some of them have longer history than us human, we can't wait and see their extinction! We need to do something to make a change!

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.