Edgar I. Washington


Donald J. Trump has many ideas and thoughts on how he wants to take care of some problems but the one that stands out to me, is the one on immigration. I do not think its the correct way and Humane way of doing it.

Out of all the issues in America I think this is a big one, but it should be handled with care and it should be taken care of in the most humane way possible. Immigration has been something that our country deals with a lot and its a issue they talk about a lot. Our country was and is still built off of immigrants. Its one of the main reasons our country is great and has many resources. He has a plan on building a wall and says he will start on day one of presidency, also according to him Mexico will pay for it. He also says that anyone that is a illegal and is caught here in this country is to be deported back to their home country and anyone who tries to enter will be detained and removed. His plan is to remove all "aliens" from this country day one and will terminate what Obama allowed which was to let illegals come into our country which in Donald's eyes are criminals. He only sees what the criminals may do which is not a bad thing because we want him to keep an eye out for those people, but he needs to see the good that immigrants do as well because there is more good being done than bad even though the bad may be whats easier to spot. What I think is evil is the fact that he said he wants to turn off the jobs and benefits because that is what brings many people to our country, I just don't understand why he wants to go after immigrants so bad. I think that instead of trying to get rid of all immigrants we should come up with a new plan. Many come into this country in search of a new life because many leave their country to flee poverty and to search for prosperity. What should be done is just have screen checks on immigrants and that way we can know what kind of people they are and what they are capable of. Many immigrants do not come here to look for problems but only to start a new life and make good money and live a free life in the country that holds a dream. Instead of trying to rid them lets put everyone at good use and make our country the way it should be, America does need to be made great again but this is not the way to start doing it. America is about building and growing together and make it the best it can be this should be done with the help of everyone and we should all have the freedom. Immigrants are the base of our country and is a crucial topic in society today, its a very serious subject and it needs to be handled with seriousness but also with care.