Sarah Washington


In the U.S. abortion is a way to get rid of an unwanted child but there are alternative routes.

Dear President,

This letter focuses on the importance of abortion in the United States. The main groups who either support abortion or disapprove of it, is the pro-life and the pro-choice groups. Pro-life supports the child that is in the womb. They believe that it is pro-choice for the child and abortion is not the only method to not have kids. The Pro-choice side with the mother and believe that it's a woman's body so she can do what she want. The simplistic ideals of both parties are correct by political standards but by moral standards it may be an obvious choice.

I am a Freshman at Charles Wright Academy and understand the importance of such topics. This subject, in fact, decides the life of two people. The child if they will have the opportunity to live a full life and the mother or father if they decide to have the child. Abortion is an option for a women to ‘get rid of’ her child but there are many other ways to not be a mother. One of the most common ways is adoption. Adoption is a lovely thing for many different types of people. People who struggle with infertility have the fears of never having kids but adoption is one of the greatest methods for having kids. Many people you meet in life have been adopted. Without abortion you might have more people that you would have met.

Deciding to have an abortion is a hard decision but once they’ve made the decision many “countless women and men are living with the pain and regret of their.” Many women who were once pro-choice switch once they’ve had an abortion and the guilt sets in. Morals are not as strong in the 21st Century for many people. Morals are what guide one's decisions through guilt or what they see as the correct thing to do. The actual physical pain of abortion is also a problem that many women do not understand. Abortion has as much mental stress as physical stress on your body. In a study it shows that between No Birth, Birth, Miscarriage, and Abortion, Abortion had the highest death rate of the mothers. Many of these warning signs do not show up for years to come after the pregnancy. It is also shows that people who had miscarriages are also more likely to commit suicide. By allowing abortion we are also allowing more problems into our society. Abortion should not be the only obvious option for a person. It causes extreme emotional and physical stress on a person both male and female.


Sarah T.

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