Nick L. Washington

Gun Control

I am writing this letter in regards to Gun Control, and why this country will be more dangerous without it.

Dear Future President

I would like to voice my opinion on gun control because it has become a true issue in current day America. I am writing about this issue because it is a safety hazard to innocent people if anyone can purchase a firearm without a background check

According to NBC news, recent statistics show that in America 289 people are shot every day. Out of those 289 there are 7 children that are killed. Because the United States government does not regulate gun control as strict as they should, America’s homicide rate is on average 25 times higher than other developed countries. Terrorism is a large threat to the United States and typically is the center of attention on news headlines. But did you know that only 71 people died from terrorism between 2005-2015, and in that same exact period of time 301,797 people died from gun violence. The constitution states that anyone is entitled to bear arms. But a background check should be a necessity in the process of purchasing a gun. Would you allow someone in your neighborhood to purchase a gun with a criminal background and feel safe?

Thank you for your time. I hope you can recognize this problem and enforce, and create stricter gun laws for the well being of this country. You can help prevent homicides, suicides, and mass shootings. Make this country a safer place and enforce gun laws. I wish you well in your presidency.


Nick L.