Isabella M. Kentucky

College Fees

College fees are a main reason that many people don't have a full education. The economy and jobs could be even better if more people were able to get at least four years of college.

Dear President,

    The United States population is affected greatly by the lack of access to a college education.  A major cause of this is that most people just don't have the money to pay the fees. Without a college education, most people have a hard time finding jobs that provide security and nicer homes. I think that public colleges should allow students to go there for four years free. Everyone should have the chance to go to college, because it makes the economy better, more jobs for more people, and less people would have difficulties finding jobs that support them.

   First of all, the economy would be even more efficient if more people were able to go to college. If more people are fully educated, they can get better jobs that truly effect and benefit the world for the better.  It would also be much easier to sell and produce goods and services when people properly know how to do their job. Also, if someone's business was failing there could be more people to help rebuild or save it. Over all, the economy would be able save businesses and help the country become greater.

    Not only are the goods and services affected, but so are the people. If people didn't have to pay for college, they wouldn't have to work at low paying jobs or jobs that don't pay enough for their needs. When they have college education those people could go out and do their dream job or passion. They could also just make enough money to support themselves and or their family. Also, those who attend college wouldn't have huge debts to pay off after school. They could use their income to improve their home or start saving money.  In total,  people could have better lives and in turn help the community be better too .

    Finally, the doctors and scientists could be effected in their studies and research. They could have many more thoughts and opinions about the way operations or procedures should be done. Also there could be some really smart people in the world but they can't share or express what they know because they cant go to college and get those jobs. Even worse there are some people out there that really want to help those studies, and procedures but can't afford the education to. People should be able to help research and study very important things, like medicine, that could save another person's life.

When you have to think about it, it doesn't seem right to not have all of these things. It would be easier for the economy to save businesses and produce more goods and services. It would make multiple people's lives would be better.  Lastly, it would benefit the researches and procedures of doctors and scientists that save lives. I feel that public colleges should have a free tuition for the fisrt four years of a student.