Amal Minnesota

college costs and student debts

College is a big step for students however how are we supposed to afford it when the debts they leave us take a lifetime to repay?

Dear Next President,

We, as students, are told to go to college in order to have better lives and good jobs, however what are we supposed to do when colleges leaves so many students in debt after graduating? College is so expensive to get into and the payment fees need to be affordable. I believe that because many students come from different economic backgrounds, putting a standard limit to all of the students leads many to be discouraged from college or even dropout.

I believe that college is an important sector in everybody’s life however the loans that we use to get into them leaves the people in debt. According to U. S student loans, statistics show, “There are 1.26 trillion in total U.S. student loan debt, and also 43.3 million Americans have student loan debt.” This shows that there are millions of Americans who owe a lot of debts. In addition, according to Student Aid Policy, “Students who graduate with excessive student loan debt are more likely to delay major life-cycle events, such as buying a home, getting married and having children, than students who graduate with affordable debt.” The huge amounts in college debts, not only affect them financially but also their social lives. These students may need to work 3 or more jobs in order to pay for their unending student loans.

The student loans debt, not only affects the college students but also affects people upto the age of 65 and plus. According to an article to the article, The long term consequences of student loans by Kelley Holland of the CNBC news, stated “In 1989, just 4 percent of people aged 55 to 64 had education debt, but by 2013, that figure had grown to 30 percent,” it's not only the young people being affected by this issues but also the retired generation who can not work to pay the loans back.

So, next president, being able to go to college, get a job and to live a comfortable life is the American dream, however are the students supposed to live the rest of their lives working three or more jobs trying to pay off student loans? I would like you to consider the low income students, the middle classes, the ones who have no way of paying their students loans back. Creating more student oriented jobs will be an effective way to help the students already in debt pay their fees off quicker. Making colleges lower their tuition fees is another way too and making student loans a good thing rather than the nightmare it is for college students. All in all, I believe that you, as the next president, will handle the situation effectively having in mind the students’ best interests.



10 grade

Eagan, MN