Haley C. Indiana


This letter mainly focuses on terrorism.

Haley Cross


English 11, Period 2

3 November 2016


Dear Future President,

Refugees and terrorism are connected. It has been proven that ISIS is intermingled themselves with the syrian refugees. This should cause great concern to the american people. United States needs to make laws to prevent refugees from coming into the country.

People in democratic society are living in fear of future terrorists attacks. Also commuters in big cities say that they have begun standing back on subway platforms for fear that a revenge seeker will push them into a path of an oncoming train. Students say they avoid walking across campus alone.

There should be more security where the refugees come in when people are boarding planes or little security checks when people go into a public place. For example the shooting in California at a holiday party in a conference room, killing 14 police found “explosive devices” inside the resource center during a secondary sweep. Meredith Davis a spokeswoman for Los Angeles firearms and explosives said the suspects “had several [magazines] full of ammunition fashioned to their body, so they were ready for a gun fight that should occur.”

Some may say “I wonder often how long we will have to pay for crimes that we haven’t committed.” but some argue with that because yet some are innocent but there is that percentage of muslims that give the innocent ones a bad reputation. If it weren't for the muslims that go around bombing, shooting and all around killing innocent people some wouldnt argue that it was wrong to let refugees in although some are innocent we still don't know which is terrorist and which is not. Obama says that Syrian refugees will be checked more carefully but how does he expect anyone to believe this when there has still been bombings and shootings recently. Some argue refugees should stop and some say they shouldn't.

There's nothing the recipient of the letter can do about it because they have no authority just opinions. The recipient can start a campaign or something but it more than likely will not work because all the different people around the world have different things to say about this topic.


Haley Cross