Sydney J. California

Black Lives Matter

This letter talks about Black Lives Matter and my opinion on what I think of the whole situation.

October 13,2016

Dear Future President,

There are too many Black lives being taken away from us all because of police brutality,families wonder everyday if there loved one will come back through the door. Every time a black person is killed another hashtag is created for them or you end up seeing a brutal video of them being shot on social media. Riots are happening to prove a point and spread a message across America,the riots often get out of control and end up forcing some businesses to close up until the tension dies down. Mr. or Mrs. President how do you plan to resolve police brutality.

Police are supposed to set good examples of America and for younger children,but in the past recent months they are setting bad examples for themselves.Some people see police as heroes and some people see them as cold hearted killers. When police kill blacks the first response is the suspect was armed and dangerous or suspect had weapon.That doesn’t give you the right to shot someone that quick, kindly reason with them and if that doesn’t work tase them. If you are going to kill someone you need to have a good reason on why you shot them.

As an young African American women it breaks my heart to see my people get shot for no unapparent reason I often worry for family and friends that they will get home safe and that I will be able to see them again. Every time I see a hashtag or violent video of blacks being killed it makes me upset to see that another life has been lost and there families have to grow up without a father or mother etc.

Mr. or Mrs. President ,if BlackLivesMatter can come together and be heard not through violence but through message I surely believe that you can find a way to put an end to killing innocent lives and racial discrimination.


Sydney Jackson

Rancho Bernardo High School


Mrs. Ugalde's sophomore writers

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