Ko D. Indiana

Gun Control

We need to stop gun violence because kids are dying in a young age and adults.

Dear future President, I think the guns need to be controlled because this year a lot of people died. Gangs and violence need to stop because a lot of young people are getting involved and dying. If the violence don't stop it can become worser. I care about this because it hurts to lose someone and these kids have a future and too young to die.

To solve this in my opinion is to have guns if you are 30 or older. The next opinion of mine is to use the gun in moments to hunt or in a situation to protect yourself but not using it to kill people. If kids use it they should be locked up. It's for the safety of the kids and adults. Kids should stay away from a gun.

Others should care about this because they can lose the ones they love by this situation. They should stand up and stop the violence and gangs or else these young kids will use guns for fun and things will get worse. It's never too late to stop the gun violence. Teenagers and kid around 13 to 16 are using guns and that is not fine.

Sincerely Ko, from Indiana