Travis C. Indiana

Dear Next President

Gun control

Dear the next United States of America President,

Should America allow guns to be in the states? Well if the United States should allow guns because they can be used for self-defence but I believe that we should not have guns because people uses them for stupid things like theft, robbers, mugging, and others, but if we could get our heads out of our buts we wouldn’t have gun control as much and there won’t be a reason for police and prisons or jails. “among the many misdeeds of the british rule in india history will look upon the Act depriving of arms as the blackest” Mohandas Gandhi.

I believe that we should be able to have guns but to an extent. The extent is that we only use our guns in self-defence and not any way that would hurt our loved ones. We might still need a judge to prove if we are guilty or not but I am certain that we really don’t need any police officers if we do increase the gun control. “Oh, if guns were illegal then no one will have one?” Robin Williams.

If it truly came to banning guns from America for good then I say let's do it. I strongly suggest it because we the people should not have guns unless it is strictly for self-defence. I also believe if we have a carrying permit for guns we should be allowed to carry in schools and on campus. I believe that if we ban guns then we won’t have this issue about Black Lives Matters because 99.9 percent of the time it's black vs. black and that usually includes a gun violence issue.This issue started June 21, 2015. “To Conquer a nation, First disarm its citizens.” Adolf Hitler.

I hate when people misuse a gun in the intentions of killing people. I say that we need to strengthen and better arm our troops and our law enforcements by using former United States Marines the will use their knowledge to find and eliminate the problem without using a weapon. "Nobody should have a gun who has a criminal background or who's involved in domestic abuse situations." Sen. Bernie Sanders.


Travis J. Carey