Aurora G. New York

The End to Racial Profiling

Dear, President Although I am only 13 years old, I observed that racial profiling has become a great issue in our country. Yes, racial profiling has been around for many years and hasn’t been stopped. Recently it has been a huge problem, even some deaths have occurred over this issue. I wanted to write about a problem I care about, one that needs to be stopped. The existence of racial profiling dates back to slavery. Which was a very racist time period in history, it's disappointing that over time we still have the problem of racial profiling. A study in Arizona shows that during 2006-2007, state highway was significantly more liking to stop African American and Hispanics than Whites. I’m sure you're aware of the past cases of law enforcements with racial profiling, my question is why hasn’t there been more to prevent this issue? It’s very sad to me and many others that people's lives are ending because of the color of our skin! It's very involuntary, you can’t choose your own skin color. We need to stop this nonsense. Therefore, people need more education about different races. I think that the dialogue about race should start in a classroom. Teachers should be exploring multiculturalism and discussing ways to honor diversity. With it starting in a classroom everybody gets to learn it. If we start this now then we possibly could prevent this problem in the future. Also since social media has a huge impact on our society, we need to be putting out positive things on different races. Our society has pushed kids from being able to be proud of their race. With educating people especially the youth about different races it could fix that. Many people believe they have a sense of entitlement, which they don’t. Everyone is equal. This all ties into police brutality, police officers are taking advantage of their powers. In 2003 the department of Justice issued its guidance regarding the use of race by federal law enforcement. If this hasn’t helped with racial profiling, What will? I believe that limiting the discretion of whom police officers have in who they stop will help end racial profiling. In fact allowing police officers to have discretion in who they stop, is the result of permissive Supreme Court stance on police stops. By this our country can prevent racial profiling. So future President will you help prevent racial profiling? Or will you allow it to keep causing conflict? It all starts with you to stop the problems we have now and prevent the ones in the future. Our country is in your hands, please take care of it wisely. Sincerely, Aurora Gomez

Racial Profiling has become a great issue in our country, many are suffering. We all need to take action now. 

Kimberly Young

Social Studies 8H

Honors Class 2016-2017

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