Jerome barrameda. California

Letter to the president

The paragraph is about the important things the United States needs.

Dear future president i hope you can change the corruption in some police forces because most of the videos i see is police officer harassing people just because are the law and do anything.Another thing is that i hope we have the Increase the economy so we as young people can get a job easily and not have to stress out because the jobs we have to get is hard.In my experience i talk to people that doesn't like the government and want the government  to rechecked the staff and at least refreshed what they are doing.Next is the taxes i also just want the taxes to be evenly the same and not spend money on dumb things.Also I would love to lower the money on the military strength since America is the worlds number one on spending military things.I would like them to lower it and use that money and put it into more important things like medical care and infrustructer,if this were to happen this can have a major impact on the united states and actually help this countries then instade of just be worried of other countries like russia or north korea.