Caleb P. Missouri

Health Care Costs

Health care should be equal

Dear Next President,

In this letter I will be talking about our nation’s health care. According to the article “Equity of Care” by, Richard de Filippi, people are not treated fairly because of how much money they have. That’s wrong and just not right. People shouldn’t be treated differently because of how much money they have. All patients not only deserve equal care they also deserve care that is individualized to their needs. That is how our country should be. For example, if a rich guy has cancer and a man in poverty has cancer you should give them both equally effective treatment for their cancer. Right? You wouldn’t just give the rich guy the treatment, then give the other guy nothing because he’s poor, right? You treat them both equally because that’s right , and that’s how our nation’s health care should be. Apparently it’s not though, and that’s something that we as a nation can easily fix and make our country better.

Another thing that we can make better in our country involving health care is, according to the state news, one out of every eight Americans lack basic health care needs. I know “Obama Care” tried to help and it did a little bit, but we need everyone in our country to have basic health care. I don’t really know how to solve this other than just helping everyone that walks in a hospital. Maybe we can make check-ups, or any kind of medical procedure, less expensive and more affordable for average and below average paid people.

To conclude I think that everyone deserves equal care and equally effective care for their needs. Also, I think that we should make all medical procedures less expensive and more affordable for everyone because we all need some kind of health care every now and then. I believe that if we can make our nation better in any way, then we should do it. This is something that we can easily make better, and save the lives of so many people and their families. This is something we can easily fix. So we should do it. 


Caleb P.