Kristen B. New York

Animal Cruelty

I wrote a letter to the next president regarding animal cruelty in out nation.

 Dear Mr/Mrs. President ,

Animal abuse is a big problem in the world and it needs to be stopped but it hasn't. The amount of animal cruelty is increasing by the minute and needs to be stopped by more people reporting it and there should be a higher sentence for jail if people are found abusing their animals. They need to help these poor innocent animals.

A lot of animal cruelty has to do with most people abandoning their animals and neglecting them. The situation gets worse when the animal lives with you for a while and you get them to like you and feel comfortable with you and at your home and then you neglect and abandon them. They feel betrayed and they have no idea why. People fail to provide their animals with proper food, water, shelter or protection from the weather, or provide any veterinary attention. People see their animals as objects or property and not a living thing and they don't care the difference.

Most causes of this issue is when there owners grew up in an abusive or neglectful one good childhood or an abusive one. They take everything out on their pets because they think it will solve their issues if they hit something and take their anger out on them, but it just makes things worse. 100% of sexual homicide offenders had a history of animal cruelty and causes the person to lead and abuse or kill bigger things. There is also some people who think dogfighting is good and they run illegal fights. They bet on dogs and they say it's entertainment but they don't care how the dogs feel they just like the entertainment. No one does anything about this, they need to stop this.

Animal abusers make excuses for their actions, starting when people get blamed for animal abuse sometimes the dog is vicious and you have no other choices and they are coming at you and trying to hurt you. You have the right to defend yourself. If people are going to abuse their animals they shouldn't get the animal and give it to a family that is going to treat them right. This is mostly for house pets but could affect other things like zoos and horse racing. If you see an animal being abused you need to call someone and don’t let it keep happening.

In conclusion, please help this issue and help the animals who have nothing and are getting neglected every minute and if anyone reports anything suspicious they are seeing then make sure someone checks it out because something could be happening no one knows.

Niskayuna High School English 10R

English 10R - Block 5

Mrs. Werther's Block 5 English 10R class

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