Cat B. Missouri


A letter to the future president regarding the issues on terrorism.

Dear Future President,

My letter is about the issues regarding terrorism and how our country is effected by it. Everyday we face challenges as a country and the last thing on our minds should be if we are somewhere, are we going to be attacked or not. We as a country do not want to live in fear. I certainly do not want to live in fear, and I do not want the next generation to live in fear as well. The future of our country starts today, do we want thousands of Americans dying because of hatred in someone else's heart? Or are we going to stand up and fight for our rights and our freedoms. Our freedoms to live in a world without destruction and terrorism.

Since 9/11 we have been having doubts about the future and production of this country. People still do not feel safe in New York and all around the United States. I see why. After 9/11 we thought the attacks are over but now they are more dominate than ever. Everything from reporters going over to Iraq and Syria and being taken hostage and beheaded, to people dancing in a nightclub one minute and then shot at the second.We can't win. So what are you the future president of the Unites Sates going to do about this? 

Our American people that risked their lives to go over to those countries and give us more information on a new terrorist group then to become tortured and beaten and beheaded? And we just sat here. We did nothing. They were our American people sitting in a cell thinking "Am I going to die?" Then taken out to the middle of nowhere and have their heads be chopped off. Where is the dignity for these people who were just doing their job to keep us Americans informed of these dangers. It was not given at all.

The Americans in that night club. They went out for a simple outing with friends and then tragedy struck them. A 29- year old security guard of Islamic religion, shot up the whole night club killing 49 people. Those 49 people were mothers, daughters, brothers, fathers and cousins. Taken from their family's because of a sworn oath to a leader who is not even living in the United States. A oath to kill others to because we killed one of them. Yes an eye for and eye they say, but if we would have made peace with them and apologized we would have been able to avoid this problem.

It just frustrates me that living in fear has become a "norm" for us. Everyday people are always scared that there is going to be a terrorist attack somewhere in the US and we would not even know when it would happen. Our country is in a domino effect right now, every-time we have a terrorist attack it breaks down the future of our country bit by bit. The children of tomorrow are going to have to deal with the aftermath of these attacks. We need to put and end to it now. More people, American people, will die and be put in danger.

What are you going to do to make sure the people of the now and the people of the future do not have to wake up in the morning and wonder "Is this my last day to live?" "Will I be killed by a terrorist?" These are not questions we should be asking ourselves when we wake up in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Thank you,

Cat B.