Logan K. Wisconsin

Eliminating Terrorists Threat

Dear Future President,

The American people are scared and want our President to take immediate action against terrorist organizations to help keep everyone safe.

One reason immediate action is needed is because the American people are becoming less and less trusting and supportive of the rights of Arab and Muslim Americans.  Almost everyday there are news stories showing how these individuals are being treated unfairly by other Americans that don't share in their beliefs.

Another reason is that the terrorist groups seem to be growing in numbers and winning more and more global conflicts. This is something that CNN polls have shown that the American people are growing more concerned about terrorism. 60% of American disapprove of how President Obama dealt with terrorism during his Presidency.

Lastly, I have an uncle that has served 20 years in the United States Navy and he has shared with our family some of the bad  things that terrorists organizations such as Al Qaeda and ISIS have done.  

Many Americans have long lives ahead of them and they are afraid of what might happen if the terrorist organizations grow stronger and stronger. If we don't take immediate actions to help put an end to terrorism now, we might not have a future.


Logan Kawula