Cameron L. Missouri

No More Animal Experimentation

Would you want to be tested against your will?

Dear President,

              We need to get rid of animal testing because we are harming our animals and our ecosystem after awhile we will run out of our main testing animals we will go to the other animals and soon we will run out of animals all together then our ecosystem will go down the drain. Animals bodies don't work the same as humans so they wouldn't have the same reactions that would be like testing dog shampoo on humans we wouldn't react the same way the dogs would. The animals are in an unnatural environment so they wouldn't react the same as us humans would.

        It is expensive and a waste of our money that we could use for more important things like health care, unemployment, education, and poverty. Instead this money is being used for the housing, animals,breeding experimental animals, the drugs ,and the food.

        Some of the products and substances tested will not even be used after the test or if they are used it won't be for anything useful. These products will never be approved for public consumption. So we are killing innocent animals for something we are never going to use.

      These animals are miserable they die from the experiment are killed or they are injured and have to suffer till they eventually reach what to them is sweet sweet death. Animals should not look forward to death for the pain to be over no more suffering they should look forward to being loved or being in the wild where they belong not in a lab.

   Some people say that animal testing improves human health by not harming us instead harming animals but what they don't realize that these animals don't react to the product the same as we would and these animals have feelings and they can feel pain and suffering to.

  So I hope after you read this letter you consider banning and fully getting rid of this terrible and crude practice.


                                                                                                                               Cameron L. 




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