Megan G. Missouri


October 26, 2016 Dear Future President, Congratulations on winning the election. I pray you do what is best for this country. I understand there are many issues that we are facing today, but I feel one needs extra attention-immigration. Immigration has caused issues with terrorism, schooling, and jobs. However immigration is a way people find safety for themselves and their families. Future president immigration is what we were founded on, but times have changed. We need to allow immigration, but we need to have a better process. We need to be honest about terrorism. Not all immigrants are terrorist some are our own people. Yes, most come from other bloodlines or other countries however “ struggling with the transition from semi-nomadic-herder society to postindustrial urban life, young Somalis in the west are tempted by criminal activity," says “Americas Immigration Challenge.” It is not just Somalis that aren’t used to the transition. Everyone has a little struggle in a brand new place. We need to make sure that the people that come into our country are willing to transition properly, stable enough to do so, and they have or can get the education they need to succeed in new lives. “New York Times” states many public schools struggling to find adequate resources to teach students who are behind grade level, some whom have significant other challenges their home lives.” How do we plan on helping these people if we don’t try and help them get the education they need first? Jobs are important to everyone in the world. It is the way we provide for ourselves and our families. Many jobs are taken by immigrants leaving our people out of work. However, there is some work that immigrants are willing to do that we do not want to do. The immigrants that come to this country they seek freedom and refuge, a hope for a better tomorrow. The process to become a U.S. citizen is not easy. It takes a lot of studying and a lot of paperwork. Yes, this system is very necessary and may need adjustments as years pass for safety reasons, and if anyone were to come to our country without this process, they should be punished for this action. The law abiding and tax paying immigrants, however, have worked hard to come to our great country and they should have the opportunity to have an equal chance at living and all jobs. Today I feel I would have to agree with ” Americas Immigration Challenge” article when it says “ poor information invites excessive fears, which are then answered with false assurances and angry accusations.” The public is misinformed by the media, just wanting a big story or simply not understanding what the situation is. Then we go and blame only one type of persons for such terrible actions like terrorism. When, in fact, it is more than one group doing everything. Many immigrants are chosen or forced to come here by their relatives. Sometimes they do not know what they are getting into. We need to stop making assumptions about people and think, what can I do to prevent this? Future President of the United States, I understand many people believe we need to stop immigration for once and for all. Well, have they forgotten what our country is founded with? Our people came over here to find freedom. Sound familiar? This is "why I’m stressing why ban or stop immigration when honestly most Americans are immigrants themselves." Yes, times have changed and circumstances are different, but with the right process and watch, we can allow immigration. Now "I do with people who ask , agree why bring them to our country when we can help them in their own countries. To me, this could help us here, but it could cost us more in the long run. Either way there will always be some flaw. In closing, immigration is not a bad thing in our country as our country was founded on it. I do, however, believe we need to change the process of how we check the immigrants into our country. We need to make sure their intention and education is where it needs to be for our country’s sake. Again, congratulations on winning the election and thank you for your time. Sincerely, Megan

With such a debatable topic, immigration has many arguments. In my letter, you will see that our country was founded with immigration and should be allowed. However, the process to become an immigrant needs to be revised.