Luke California

Domestic Terror

How can America combat domestic terrorism?

Dear Future President,

My question to you is a simple yet at the same time complex. What will you do to safeguard the United States against domestic terrorism? This is important to me because my goal in life is to be a police officer. As a officer of the law it is your duty to protect and serve, but cops can only do so much. Most of the time a cop has no idea when something is going to happen and when it does happen they are ill prepared and out gunned.

ISIS is recruiting people living in our country everyday. It is horrific to know that people we see everyday could be a part of these organizations. The fact that ISIS still has a twitter and is able to post videos to recruit more people is horrific and absurd. They are recruiting people to kill and do their dirty work in our country for "revenge" or for "freedom".

For example the Orlando nightclub shooting. A guy walks into a bar with a fully automatic assault rifle and starts shooting. Boom that's how fast a day can change in a blink of an eye. This event and others like it amazes me how many people don't think domestic terror is a problem.This is not true. Not only do these incidents take the lives of several innocent people for each incident, they forever scar the people witnessing the incidents.

In conclusion, I strongly think that in your term as the next president of the United States, you should highly consider finding a way to make the rate of terrorism decrease in this country. Whether it be through new gun laws or increasing security and removing these social media pages of terrorist groups. all simple solutions and will greatly decrease the number of terrorist attacks from plaguing this country of ours.

Sincerely, Luke 

Santa Clara High School

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