A. Wright Missouri


The future of immigration process in the United States

October 27,2016

To the Future President of the United States:

I'm writing to talk about America's future, more specifically, how we deal with the issue of immigration. Remember when dealing with this issue that you need to be clear about your goals, state your meaning clearly or you'll only make the issue worse. It is highly debated and contested about what should be done to fix this issue and I know you have some strong opinions yourself on the matter. You must deal with this problem now before it becomes even more out of control than it has been in the past.

I suggest that when dealing with immigrants we don't become overly defensive, which is to say, that we don't build a wall stopping them from entering America. What I am saying is the we change the immigration process to make it more efficient and better regulated. (You know, not let terrorists into our country.) These immigrants need education, jobs, and shelter, and we shouldn't give it to them,  but we should make them easier for them have access to.

Immigrants can actually be beneficial to America if we let them get jobs and live here. In fact, the chief actuary for the Social Security Administration said that, 

"  ... Undocumented workers contribute nearly 10% percent of our into our Social Security Trust."

It was also mentioned that these workers will rarely collect Social Security  themselves. This means that they help fund our programs.

Since I feel that immigrants help the United States, I fully support the process and feel that we should help facilitate immigrants to find a place here. It has been proven that immigrants act as an economic stimulus, but only in certain concentrations. This is why I feel that we should help place immigrants in places that would benefit from their presence. They also need to find places where there are good jobs and a good education system in place for them, and I know that our government could help with this.

The government's ability to help with immigration is big, and you will help control a lot of the decision making that goes around the issue. Remember to help everyone and not just yourself; immigrants are people too. You can make immigrants coming to America a great thing for both Americans citizens and the immigrants.