Emily Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse in Laboratories

Animal abuse is wrong

October, 13 2016

Dear Future President,

Do you think that animals should be treated as equals? I believe that animals should not be tested on. Many laboratories test animals for drug, food, medical training, chemical, and cosmetic testing. Over 100 million animals are just killed in the U.S every year. These animals include of frogs, mice, rats, fish, birds, pigs, dogs, cats, etc. These animals can get diseases such as cancer, skin issues, burns, and lung issues, and they can also be blinded. Most animals are used to either breed other animals or get tested on. Almost all animals that breed other animals get put to sleep when they can not breed anymore. Up to 90% of animals that are bred in laboratories die either breeding other animals or die testing products. The other 10% get released into the wild with diseases that will kill them. In conclusion you as the future president need to stop animal abuse in laboratories.