Sam K. Pennsylvania

Animal Cruelty

Stop animal cruelty and dog fights in the USA.

Dear Future President,

As an eighth grade male born into a middle class home, we have a pet. Something that my entire family agrees on is that the animal must be a rescue. My dog was rescued off the streets of West Philadelphia. When we adopted him, he was starving, wouldn’t eat, and he was ill. He was about 10 pounds. Five years later, he is about 20 pounds, which is twice as much, but he hasn’t grown. This led my sister and me to volunteer at a pet shelter.

At the shelter, we saw animals that were recently taken in, and they were in terrible health condition. Some were near starved and others had giant scars. Some animals were taken there from their owners.

Animal cruelty has dated back to the 1800s with dog fights. Starving dogs has always been a problem. Since 2008, dog fights have been illegal in all 50 states, but that doesn’t stop the animal cruelty. Eight years later, you still see evidence of animal cruelty in this shelter.

To wrap up, animal cruelty has not gotten better 200 years after the first dog fight, and it has possibly gotten worse. Thank you for reading, and I hope I persuaded you to help fight animal cruelty.


    Sam K.