Michael Pennsylvania

Medicine and Medicare Costs

People don't need to be wondering if they can pay for medicine and Medicare.

October 11, 2016

Dear Future President,

Today I am writing to you about something that's bugging me. The price of Medicine costs and Medicare costs. As Medicare turns 50 years old and the price of Epi-Pens skyrocket, as a kid with tons of allergy's, I have a lot of questions. How will Medicare affect my future?, will I be able to afford Epi-Pens and Medicare in the future? I am writing to you because me and kids of all ages don't need to be wondering if there parents can buy them Epi-Pens, or if they can get Medicare in the future.

An example of why Medicare and medicine costs should go down is that there was a person that after spending 3,000 dollars out of pocket costs for some prescriptions during 2016, she's responsible for paying about 42-45% of her subsequent drug costs until reaching a total amount of $4,850 dollars. That shows me how a person is spending entirely to much money on Medicine and Medicare costs, and that this is a reason the prices of Medicine and Medicare costs should go down.

With this evidence, this shows you why Medicine and Medicare costs should go down. If you could take a couple minutes out of your days to try and find and expectable price for Medicine and Medicare, I would be grateful.