Allison Pennsylvania


Homelessness is a problem all over the world.


Dear Future President,

 I am writing to you today because more than 3.5 million people are homeless every year. I believe that it is important that these people have food, shelter, and water.

Homeless people are treated bad and that is upsetting to me. I think everyone should be treated the same and that is not happening. I think that there should be more resources and jobs for the people who don’t have a home. If there were more jobs for homeless people they could make the money to afford a house or apartment. If there were more places for homeless people to sleep or eat, it would lower the percentage of homelessness.

On just one night in January of 2015, 564,708 people were homeless in the United States. If we could lower that number even by a little, it would be great! Out of all the homeless people that there are in the world, about 40% of them are disabled or hurt and they don’t have the money to get medical care. I believe that there should be more medical centers for those people.

I encourage you, the future President, to donate money to homeless shelters or make more places for homeless people to sleep and eat. I hope you consider this.