Elisabeth C. Pennsylvania

LGBTQ Rights

A short letter on the LGBTQ community's rights.

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you regarding LGBTQ rights. You say you are a “traditionalist”, with many “fabulous friends who happen to be gay.” If you were really a fit president you would think of all Americans as equals. You are as much the president to anyone in the LGBTQ community that anyone not. I find it appalling that you could think of anyone that is not as equal to another in America, or any other country. And, how could you possibly compare a living breathing human who is as equal to you as anyone else to a golf putter. A GOLF PUTTER. How in the world could you compare a person to an inanimate object used for hitting golf balls? This is totally unacceptable. I heard something in your acceptance speech about being “the president to all americans”. I surely hope that by this you don’t mean white straight men… and you include the women, LGBTQ community, other races and so much more. As our president, you will be a symbol of our country. And I truly believe that our country is not all like your views. So I hope that you learn the importance of everybody in the US and you are finally going to accept that not everyone is how you like it. There is a school house rock song about us being a melting pot. We are perfect the way we are. And that is never going to change, no matter who is in the white house.

Thank you for your time, .

Elisabeth Hayley Carter

8th Grader

Bala Cynwyd Middle School

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