Katie Pennsylvania

Animal Abuse

I think animal abuse is wrong and there needs to be a change.

October, 14th 2016

Dear Future President,

Thirty percent of the cases reported to the police today are about animal abuse, and animal neglect. I really would love for people to realize that animal neglect is very common and isn't right. That’s why I ask you to take a minute and try to understand that neglect is wrong and should be taken care of.

I don't support this type of abuse. Most animals are harmless and just want to be loved. Many animals are just misunderstood and need a little guidance to be themselves as animals.

I also think that it's upsetting to hear that there has been 25 (twenty five) states that have had the same reports about... animal abuse! That scares me because one of those states are mine! So that puts my own animals in danger and possibly yours too!

In conclusion I think you as future president should stand up for animal neglect and for what’s right and make a big change to our world and community, and just because I’m a kid, don’t underestimate me because we are your future!