Tykeiah Martin Pennsylvania

Serious issues in the economy

In this letter I wrote a little about social issues in the U.S, also what we can do to better our community.

Future President
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Future President,

I would like for you to keep us in the best hands as possible. Going forth to our economy and the lifestyle we live in today from police brutality equaling to no justice or peace, and social issues from abortions to skilled/legal immigrants.

The first topic i would like to cover would be police brutality. Which i think is the most important to me and a cause that needs to be secured immediately before the effect becomes untamable. Say for example the case of 22 year old Oscar grant, African american male who was randomly frisked at the train station and which who was fully cooperating. He who even managed to try and keep his peers under control and be the peacemaker in such an awkward and unfortunate situation was still in this case murdered. These are the type of scenarios where justice needs to be served in the court of law throughout the legislature where everyone is pertained to the consequences they deserve. For equality of us all through ethnicity and culture say for example there have been many cases throughout the past years where African American have been treated poorly in the criminal justice court of law. Which is tough in the economy today with social justice and also racial profiling. Wheres though us African American also receive power of a statement and the court does not just leave it to a police badge.

Another Topic i would like to touch on and think there should be some type of change would be Abortion a major topic today. Say for example candidate Donald Trump would like to look forward to defeating this issue only under certain circumstances which i still think isn’t fair or at all complete due to unconsidered situations such as unprotected sex etc. Where some people are not stable enough or ready to bring a child in this world leaving an extra hand to struggle . I know incapable decisions are and can be made but who is to be forced to bring a child in a non stable situation & leave the child to go through it? Over the past few years abortions have actually decreased 5% giving us less of a worry to this probable cause.

Oppose to this argument and i was to agree with the statement to leave abortions only to incest or rape. I think that in this case i would also agree because why else should it be legal? Not just for stupid conceptions and mistakes which you make on the choices of your own. Also abortion is also an act of taking human life.

The last issue I would like to focus on would be skilled & legal immigrants. This is another huge topic say for example the statement to ban muslims. Which i feel is not at all fair and is incrimination to the others which or who actually may not be involved leaving me with in doubt of our society. It was very sad to see that 4,702,411 votes as of yesterday people actually is following through with this statement to band muslims which who can be innocent. Also I think that skilled immigrants are also fine due to the work that can be done and lack of pay which shows loyalty to the us and why they should be capable of working & staying here since they are legal immigrants.

In conclusion, these arguments stood stronger to me because they feel as which i can relate to for others. Abortions which is the first topic which caught my eye and i think because i’ve seen a lot of situations where people or such as teens maybe inconsidered and don't know how to use condoms or of that sort because which they were not educated. Also a lot of my family members tend to be muslim which has a huge effect and toll on me to the fact that they wish to band muslims leaving me with a sense of a concern. Last I feel strongly about legal and skilled immigrants because I feel that they have the rights as of anyone who is legal in the country, not only willingly to work for a short amount of pay. 

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