Kaitlyn Pennsylvania


Smoking is very harmful to people. If you smoke you can get very sick.

October 13,2016

Dear Future President,

I am writing to you today because I am very concerned about people smoking. I am very concerned because smoking is very bad for you and people should not smoke because you can get very sick and also get addicted to it. Smoking is the definition of burning tobacco. One reason why people should not smoke is because people who smoke will most likely die 8 years earlier than non smokers. They die from lung cancer, throat cancer, and much more. People that smoke will also get breathing problems like short breath. Another reason why people should not smoke is because most states coast about 6 or 8 dollars to buy one pack of cigarettes, that is crazy! So if you were to buy two packs of cigarettes that would be about 16 dollars. Instead pf buying cigarettes you could buy clothes or food something you need. Also people get addicted to cigarettes and they can't stop. In conclusion I think you, as the future president, should stop smoking because it is very harmful.